Coca-Cola is African, Qaddafi Says

By Edward Carvalho
Indiana University of Pennsylvania

For Ron Slate

Yes, a white swirl moving tectonic over
a grove of cacao smells as foul
as its flower, yes, Colonel—

But what happened to your love
of Sheikhespeare, all the iambs of plastique?

Tell me about the fuselage of a plane
made to look like a twisted red can
in the field at Lockerbie.

Colonel, I have heard of its passengers folded
into cherelles
no leathery wings like the cocoa.

Do they also smell like scorched sugar?


About hcrgmu

Hispanic Culture Review is a journal published yearly by students of George Mason University. HCR publishes narrative (fiction and nonfiction), essays, poetry, and visual art related to the Hispanic world (in Spanish or English).
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