About us

Hispanic Culture Review (HCR) is a bilingual academic magazine distributed by George Mason University (GMU). The purpose of the annual publication is to contribute to GMU’s multiculturalism by creating cultural links between the university’s community, persons, and institutions involved in the creation and diffusion of Hispanic culture in the United States, Latin America, and other nations where Spanish is spoken.

HCR publishes essay, brief narrative, visual art, and poetry related to the Hispanic world.

Hispanic Culture Review
George Mason University
Modern & Classical Languages,  MSN 3E5
4400 University Drive
Fairfax, VA 22030-4444
Tel: (703) 993-2904
hcr@gmu.edu or hcr.gmu@gmail.com

Editorial Team (2010-2011)
Cristina Hernández Gil de Lamadrid
Brian Nickel
Carla Sorani Hluchan

Faculty Advisor (2010-2011)
Esperanza Román-Mendoza, Associate Professor of Spanish